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Audio Visual Systems made easy!

We provide the following services and products to make your life easier.  We are your local audio visual consultant.


  • Installation and Service
  • TV Antenna
  • High Definition (HDTV) Antenna
  • Cell Phone Boosters
  • Ham Radio Antenna's
  • Hotel Systems

Television TV

  • Installation & Service
  • Wall Mounting and Hanging
  • Ceiling Mounting and Hanging
  • Articulating and Motorized
  • Outdoor TV's
  • Restaurants, Churches, Offices

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

  • Installation and Service
  • Security Cameras
  • Video Surveillance
  • Outdoor and Indoor Cameras
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR's)
  • Home Security, Monitor Employees, Crime Prevention

Home Theaters/ Media Rooms/ Conference Rooms

  • Installation and Service
  • Screens
  • Projectors
  • In-wall Speakers
  • In-ceiling Speakers

Remote Controls

  • Programming and Reprogramming
  • Smart Phone Remotes
  • Universal Remote Control

Audio Visual Lighting Systems

  • Design, Installation & Service
  • Sound Boards
  • Churches, Conference Rooms, Auditoriums




Sound Audio Systems

  • Public Address PA Systems
  • Music Systems
  • Supermarkets, Schools, Stores

Computer Networking

  • WIFI No Dead Zones
  • Data Networking Cables
  • Computer Printer Setup


  • Cable Outlet
  • Data Outlet
  • Phone Outlet
  • HDMI Outlet
  • Hide Ugly Wiring
  • Cable, Data, Telephone Wiring

TV Mounted On Wall

Watch TV on Your Own Terms

We want to help you save money and cut the cord to your cable bill. With our help, you can watch anything from movies that are in theatres to live football games, all through internet streaming. As an official StreamSmart™ dealer, we recognize that this is the future of TV: what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. This is your DVD player, your DVR, your Netflix, Hulu, Roku, and more. You can surf the internet, get to Facebook, do research, and email using the same device.

Complete Church Service Solutions

We are pleased to complete your church's audio and video integration. All it takes is an evaluation of the old system and installation of new systems that seamlessly work together. Some churches have analog technology and we integrate it with more powerful digital technology. The benefit is that it is easier and seamless where everything is together and communicating with each other. Contact us for more information. We do a lot of work with local charities and offer free on site demonstrations.